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marzipan snowmen

marzipan snowmen

Wonderful things can be made out of marzipan, but these roly-poly snowmen from Pillsbury are an easy project that anyone could create. All you need to do is roll the marzipan into balls and skewer them together and onto a peppermint patty base using slivered almonds. Sprinkles work great for eyes, nose and buttons, and a fruit roll scarf adds a fun touch! The base of the hat is made from a fruit roll, also, with a gumdrop on top. They would make fun winter time table decorations for a get together!

Marzipan Snow People


1 package (7 or 8 oz) marzipan or almond paste
56 slivered almonds (about 2 tablespoons)
8 round chocolate-covered peppermint candies (1 1/2 inches each), unwrapped
Multi-colored oblong candy sprinkles
2 packages (0.75 oz each) fruit snack in three-foot rolls (any flavor)
8 small gumdrops


1. Roll marzipan into log shape; divide into 8 portions. Divide each portion into large (1 1/4-inch) ball, medium (1-inch) ball and small (3/4-inch) ball.

2. For each snow person, poke 1 slivered almond into center of chocolate-covered peppermint candy. Place large ball over almond, gently pushing downward to attach. Gently push 2 almonds in center of large ball; attach medium ball, gently pushing down. Gently push 1 almond in center of medium ball; place small ball
over almond, gently pushing down to attach.

3. Using toothpick, make holes in face of snowman for eyes and nose. Place two brown oblong sprinkles into holes to look like eyes. Place 1 oblong sprinkle in hole to look like nose. If desired, make holes for buttons and add colored oblong sprinkles. Place 2 slivered almonds in center of middle ball to look like arms.

4. Unroll fruit snacks. For scarf; cut eight 5×1/2-inch strips. Fold each strip in half horizontally, leaving 1 inch on each end unfolded; make small cuts at ends for fringe. Wrap around neck, slightly overlapping at shoulder. To make base of hats, cut eight 3/4-inch diameter circles of fruit snack. Place fruit snack round on snowman’s head. Insert slivered almond halfway down into center. Cut off and discard 1/8 inch off bottom of gumdrop; flatten bottom slightly. Attach onto slivered almond to finish hat.


If the marzipan is hard or crumbly; gently knead in a small amount of corn syrup, 1 teaspoon at a time, until desired softness.

Use the decorations as place cards. Make flags from small pieces of paper and attach to snow people with toothpicks.