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Parents magazine has some suggestions for ways to make a woodland theme for a child’s birthday party. That adorable cupcake stand above is made from soup cans covered in wood grain paper with wood rounds stacked on top of them. Then butterflies, flowers, twigs, and rocks are added to complete the forest look.

The “mushroom” cupcakes are so easy to make. They suggest filling the cups more than usual to give each of the cupcakes a mushroom cap. (And greasing the tops of the tins will make the larger crown easier to remove.) Then add red frosting and white candies, that’s it!

A Woodland Photo Booth is a great activity for the kids to be able to dress up and take home a picture to remember the day!

Another fun activity for a party is having the kids make Forest Frames for their woodland photos. These frames are made from sticks, glue, and twine.