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Decorating Gingerbread

Although gingerbread is tradtionally thought of as a treat for the winter holidays, I was delighted to find that Decorated Gingerbread has ideas to use gingerbread all year round. That was good news for me, since I am a huge fan of gingerbread! Decorated Gingerbread shares two recipes for the dough, a standard and a chocolate gingerbread, plus a royal icing recipe and the chapters are separated into Cute, Pretty and Festive.

Some of the fun ideas that Decorated Gingerbread gives are a bride and groom as a wedding cake topper, gorgeous snowflakes and stars, witches hats and cats, Valentine hearts and gift tags for anytime of the year. There’s also teapots, high heels, cupcakes and more! My favorite was the snowy village which uses the facades of the home, rather than making a whole house, a “far simpler way to make a traditional gingerbread house”. It is a beautiful village with its hard candy jewel-toned windows that let the light shine through when placed by a sunny window. I’ll know I’ll be turning to Decorated Gingerbread for excellent ideas for the whole year!